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PayTech Academy welcomes new corporate subscriber Tracom Services Limited

Tracom Services Limited, a payment technology company from Kenya, has recently subscribed to corporate access to all of PayTech Academy's payment technology e-learning courses.

Tracom Services Limited operates two Research and Development centres and a software development house run by local professionals with a wide skill set, which provides them with an unrivalled innovation platform that gives their customers and clients a vital edge in today’s highly competitive environments.

Tracom Services Limited's expertise is in providing software solutions for the financial industry. Their solutions enable banks to extend their services beyond the branch, by seamlessly integrating all the payment elements. To achieve this, they have partnered with leading POS and ATM manufacturers.

About PayTech Academy

PayTech Academy was created from the belief that everyone in the payment industry should be allowed to reach an expert level in the areas that they are interested in. We understand that access to experts is difficult, even when you work in the same company, because those skills are rare and make those people extremely busy.

We strive to provide a solution for two major issues in the payment industry: recruiting experienced staff in a market where the barrier to entry is high and therefore has a shortage of those people, and upskilling people who’ve moved internally within an organization.

Our aim is to provide the world with hands-on courses that take our students from where they are to a level of deep technical understanding in very specific areas.


Tracom Services Limited

Springette office park, Nairobi - Kenya

PayTech Academy

14 Victoria Villas, Marino, Dublin 3, Ireland

This blog post was written with the express permission of Tracom Services Limited

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