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Technical education for the payment industry


At PayTech Academy, we believe that everyone in the payment technology industry should be allowed to reach an expert level in the areas that they are interested in. The barrier to entry is kept artificially high by the large players, and it hinders growth for everyone. Our goal is to be your preferred source for technical education, so that together we can make you reach your unfulfilled potential. Browse our site to learn more, and get in touch with any questions.

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Fundamentals of Card Payment

Learn the basics about the card payment industry, including the technology at play and how to transact on a global scale.

For everyone.

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Fundamentals of Blockchain

Learn the basics about Blockchain technology, and its real-world applications.

For everyone.


Fast Track to

EMV transaction expertise

Proficiency with EMV transactions.
Technical, hands-on program. 
No prior EMV knowledge required, just basic IT skills.


Fast Track to Contactless EMV expertise

The complete course on contactless payment.

Get in-depth, practical knowledge about contactless payment transactions.


ISO 8583 and Transaction Processing

Proficiency with ISO 8583.

In-depth cover of terminal, acquirer, network and issuer use of ISO-based banking protocols.
No pre-requisites.


Bilal Norath, EMV Subject Matter Expert at Standard Bank Group

“I was seriously impressed with the both the course content and delivery model. It perfectly addresses the challenge we have in getting our people upskilled and proficient in EMV as rapidly as possible. Definitely the Gold Standard of EMV training. Really well done PayTech Academy!”

Magan Pillay, Team lead, EMV Acquirer Certifications, Standard Bank South Africa

“The training course is absolutely brilliant.

The way it is structured allows the trainee to complete the course at his own pace, which means that you can take the necessary time to adjust to EMV concepts that are fairly complex. My team member, Bala, was put on the course, having started working in my team recently with no previous EMV experience. My team performs technically complex EMV Certifications with the various Associations. Experience has shown that the average time it takes for a person to be self-sufficient at doing EMV Certifications is approximately 8 to 12 months. Bala was able to run his own EMV Certification projects with minimum supervision within 3 months and the expectation is that he will be fully independent within the next 6-8 weeks. This turnaround time towards EMV competence is really remarkable and definitely as a result of the training program offered by PayTech Academy. I will readily recommend it, and will insist that all new people joining my team going forward undertake the training as a mandatory requirement. Keep up the good work.”

Freddy Rademeyer, Software Development Manager, Altech Card Solutions (ACS)

"As a new developer in EMV, Walter was able to fast track his knowledge of the EMV space in a very short span of time. The course is well put together and empowered him to gain sufficient knowledge to be able to work on EMV platform with confidence.
I would recommend this to anybody who wants to gain insight and knowledge of EMV transactions."

Check out the course landing page for many reviews from our almuni


As a team lead or manager, you are concerned about ensuring that the team members are effective in their work. It is difficult to hire people who already have the exact skills that you require, and you can’t spare your experts to train new recruits, so you know that it will usually take up to 6 months for someone who has to learn on the job to be up to speed. But having the skills to perform one’s role is the minimum criteria for employee satisfaction, and this is how you are judged as a manager. The situation is especially difficult if you work in an organization where job rotation is the norm, or where competition leads to high staff turnover: the overall performance of your team depends on your ability to bridge the knowledge gap quickly.


PayTech Academy was created to help you reach your managerial objectives. As a team leader who cares, you know that the essence of sustainable leadership is to provide your team with the skills needed to function even without your input, and this is exactly what we strive to provide.

Team lead
Technical expert to be

Expertise is a great thing to have. People look up to you, you are more employable, you get to choose your projects, and it’s a virtuous circle: experts participate in the cutting-edge projects, which expands their domain of expertise.

But the initial path to that knowledge is a long one, and what makes it even more difficult are the gates along the way. Expertise comes from learning with experts, yet they are typically too busy to spare the time to teach you, and you might get stuck at square one. What you need is to build enough of that initial knowledge, so that your momentum and hard work are enough to break the following barriers. But random chance is the main reason for the gate to knowledge to open for most experts: there was already an expert in the family, or their company took on a project and they already had other skills to be on it, to name just a few.

At PayTech Academy, we think that the odds should be better than that; that you should be in control of that initial event. Our courses are crafted by experts in their fields, who took the time to explain things in a manner understandable by the non-experts, and who took into consideration the path that led them to that expert position, so that you can reach it as well.


There is something exciting about being a consultant, about the breadth of projects you get involved in, about the knowledge you accumulate with every new opportunity. On the other hand, always being expected to be at the top of your game is very challenging, and clients typically pay for the expertise you bring, not for training you on the job. There are great consultancy opportunities in the payment technology industry, with its growth rate and skill shortage, but you need the knowledge to get the position.

PayTech Academy is here to help you get this technical booster that will open the door to many contracts. Our courses are crafted so that you can learn in days the knowledge that our experts have accumulated over many years, and all our courses include practical exercises so that you’ll be even more familiar with your subject.

Technical consultant

Come Learn With Us

Payment technology companies with training programs see education as a side activity, as a foot in the door to upsell expensive software or services. The results are mixed at best: in-person training is expensive, it requires a lot of organization, the programs are usually very high-level and do not even scratch the surface of what you want to learn, and that’s if you can even access those training courses. If you are on your own, if your company is too small, or if you do not offer a good perspective of upselling, you might just be denied access.

PayTech Academy was created to give everyone a chance to one day become an expert in the payment technology industry. We understand that access to experts is difficult, even when you work in the same company, because those skills are rare and make those people extremely busy. Our aim is to provide the world with hands-on courses that take our students from where they are to a level of deep technical understanding in very specific areas. Our approach is to build knowledge block by block, while keeping students engaged and allowing them to form the mental links required to become an expert. For this, we augment our education with well-crafted practical exercises and quizzes.


PayTech Academy is an e-learning platform. E-learning has become the most common way to acquire knowledge, but it isn’t just a bandwagon effect, there are real benefits to it.


Studies show that e-learning is what learners want. It provides mobile and relevant content that students can use at their own pace. They generally have a better attitude toward the e-learning format than toward the typical classroom format. E-learning was proven to provide learners with a greater ability to apply the new knowledge on the job, and with better long-term retention of information.


E-learning has quicker delivery cycle times than traditional classroom training. It can reduce learning time by 25% to 60% because it does not take as long to start and wrap up a learning session, because learners set their own pace, rather than the pace of the group and because no travel time is needed to get to and from training events. Learner can also join a program faster, and not depend on external factors such as classroom availability or scheduled sessions.


The costs of learning and development for an organisation are drastically reduced when using e-learning. This is caused by the gains in terms of reduced training and travel time, as well as not having to cover the instructor’s travel and accommodation. The more effective learning process and retention also increases the return on investment on education, and as your staff satisfaction increases, the costs induced by staff turnover decrease.
The costs to the environment are also lower, with less paper being used and the reduction of carbon footprint from the lack of traveling requirements.

Benefits of e-learning

Card payment expert

I have a passion for helping people reach their full potential. As a strong believer of the concept of sustainable leadership, I can feel the pain of employees who cannot perform at their best because of the difficulty of knowledge transfer.

I have 10 years of strong, technical experience in the card payment industry, and in my previous role in product marketing for a very complex payment simulator, I was faced with bridging this knowledge gap on a regular basis. My most prized accomplishment in my career is the development of a formalized payment education program for South Africa.

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