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Show off your PayTech Academy certificates on LinkedIn

Let your networks see what you have worked hard to achieve

You may know LinkedIn as a professional social network and a place to share your resume, but it is also a place to display your PayTech Academy certificates with links back to content and verification details to allow anyone to connect you to your learning.

Your Accredible certificate details on your LinkedIn profile at the click of a button

All new PayTech Academy certificates provide a convenient, one-click solution to add your certificate to your LinkedIn profile. When you view your certificate at the Accredible website, one of the sharing options is a friendly blue button that allows you to display the key details and a link to your public certificate right on your LinkedIn professional profile.

Here are the complete steps:

1. View your certificate on the Accredible portal. There is a link for that in the e-mail you receive upon completing a course.

2. Click on the 'Add to LinkedIn' button, on the left.

This open a pop-up window with the information you'll want to share on LinkedIn. Note all the 'copy text' links, those will make it very easy to share accurate information.

3. Simply click on the 'Get Started...' link at the bottom of the pop-up window.

This opens a new tab with your LinkedIn profile, and a pop-up window to add your certificate information.

You'll see that the information to enter is in the same order as in the Accredible pop-up.

4. Copy and paste information from the Accredible pop-up window to the LinkedIn pop-up window.

Make sure that you tick the box 'This certification does not expire'.

5. Click 'Save' on the LinkedIn popup window.

Well done!

Your certificate now shows as part of your 'Accomplishments' section on your LinkedIn profile.

And visitors can verify your certificate by clicking on the 'See certificate' link.

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