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Show off your PayTech Academy certificates on LinkedIn

Updated: May 31, 2021

Let your networks see what you have worked hard to achieve

You may know LinkedIn as a professional social network and a place to share your resume, but it is also a place to display your PayTech Academy certificates.

Adding a certificate to LinkedIn is a simple copy-and-paste exercise.

Step 1: get your certificate from the PayTech Academy platform

Log on to your account on our platform, then visit the course you completed.

At the top of the lesson viewer, click on "GET YOUR CERTIFICATE" (click on the menu icon if you can't see the lesson viewer).

This will show you the course completion certificate.

At this point, we advise you to download a PDF copy for your records.

Step 2: open a new tab and edit your LinkedIn profile

Side note: if you want LinkedIn to automatically share this update with your network, make sure that your profile visibility settings have this feature activated. See for details.

Scroll down on your profile to the section marked "Licenses & certifications":

Click on the + button to add a new certificate.

You can simply copy and paste information from your certificate into the dialog box on the LinkedIn page:

Click Save on the LinkedIn page.

Your new certificate is now showing on your LinkedIn profile:

And visitors can verify your certificate by clicking on the 'See credential' link.

And that's it !

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