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Great review of our course on ISO 8583 and Transaction processing by Innocent Oketayot

PayTech Academy is happy to share this 5-star review of our new course on ISO 8583 and Transaction processing by Innocent Oketayot, Systems Administrator in Finance Trust Bank.

Innocent gave us the following in-depth review:

"The content of the course is precise, hitting the main points and provides complete information on each of the topics presented. I never once had to refer to an external information source such as Google to help me understand a concept from the course. Secondly, for such a highly complex topic such as transaction processing, the course was presented in such a simplified manner that I quickly understood all the concepts being presented.

The videos are also well narrated and in sync with the text that is displayed on the screen. The narration voice is clear, and the pace of narration is the right speed. I found it very easy to follow along; coupled with the fact that I could easily pause and reverse anytime I needed to get a topic better. The slides also have the right amount content, not too less or too crowded. The simulations also helped me to get a clear picture of the topics being presented.

I also viewed the course videos a few times using my mobile phone and the experience was equally great.

The exercises provided for download really helped me to get a stronger grip of the topics. The course material provided at the beginning also served as a reference material every time I could not go online to do the course."

The ISO 8583 and Transaction processing was designed to help people who needs strong technical knowledge on ISO 8583 or transaction processing to be effective and efficient in their work. Perfect to get new hires up to speed and ready to contribute, but also great for professionals who are looking to expand their skillset.

You can download the course presentation document here: pdf.

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